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A Complete Guide to The Moscow Mule

The triple threat combination of vodka, Ginger Beer and lime makes the Moscow Mule arguably the most refreshing and punchy cocktail out there. Its popularity, however, is a little ironic considering the origin behind this crowd favourite.

The Moscow Mule was originally invented because not many people were drinking vodka. Most believe that sometime during the 1950s, a barman in Hollywood was clearing out the basement before his shift started. A few cases of vodka were adding to the clutter under the stairs, so the ingenious mixologist decided to get creative. He combined the vodka with lime and Ginger Beer, christened it the ‘Moscow Mule Cocktail’, and the rest is history.

Why Ginger Beer is The Most Important Ingredient

Ginger Beer is undeniably the star of this cocktail. It’s rumoured that the name – Mule – comes from the kick that you get from the first sip of Ginger Beer. So in order to pay true homage to this classic, using a quality Ginger Beer is a must. Bundaberg Ginger Beer makes the perfect accompaniment as it’s made with real ginger and brewed for over 3 days to extract maximum flavour.

Moscow Mule Recipe

1. Add 50mL of vodka and 25mL of lime juice into a cocktail shaker
2. Shake, then strain into a copper mug and top it with Bundaberg Ginger Beer
3. Add crushed ice and garnish it with a lime wedge

If you’d like to see this play-by-play, check out the video below!

Moscow Mule Variations

If you feel like spicing things up, there are plenty of variations on the traditional Moscow Mule. Here are some of our favourites:

Spicy Mule

Spice up your cocktail game by adding some cayenne pepper and Tapatio hot sauce to your mule. Check out the video below for our recipe.

Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule Punch

This delicious punch combines the kick of vodka with apple and cranberry for a refreshing summery hit.

English Mule

Instead of vodka, this variation uses gin to give the drink its boozy kick.

French Mule

Give your mule a little bit of ooh-la-la by adding cognac as your base spirit.

Irish Mule

Whether you’re a whisky fan or not, the combination of zingy Ginger Beer and whisky is sure to keep you cool. Check out the video below for our recipe.

Kentucky Mule

Use Kentucky bourbon to create a smooth and spicy variation of the traditional Mule.

Mexican Mule

Kick things up a notch and get the party started with the addition of tequila.

Mimic Mule

For the drink you drink when you’re not having a drink, the Mimic Mule is the ideal mocktail for kids and adults alike.

Ramsey Street Mule

Inspired by the hit TV drama Neighbours, the Ramsey Street Mule combines Vodka, Green Chartreuse, rosemary, honey and a range of flavours to please any true cocktail connoisseur.

How to Make Your Moscow Mule Fancy

Having a social gathering? Make an impact with some extra trimmings:

  • In addition to using Bundaberg Ginger Beer, you can muddle some fresh ginger at the bottom of your glass for added spice.
  • Make your own lime syrup using sugar syrup and lime juice for a sophisticated blend.
  • Pop a sprig of mint into the top of your Moscow Mule for a fancy flourish.

So next time you’re feeling mad for a mule, add Bundaberg Ginger Beer to elevate your favourite mule recipe!

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