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    Do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks products contain gluten?

    Our products are gluten-free and do not contain any wheat or barley based ingredients.

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    Do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks products contain caffeine?

    All the products produced by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, with the exception of Royal Crown Draft Premium Cola, do not contain caffeine.

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    Do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)?

    No GMO containing Ingredients or Processes have been used in the manufacture of any Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Products. This information is based on written assurances from our ingredient suppliers.

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    Do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks contain allergens?

    All Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Products are free of Allergens as defined by the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code (Standard 1.2.3 (4)).

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    Do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Products contain alcohol?

    All Bundaberg Brewed Drinks naturally brewed products contain minute residual traces of alcohol. Our manufacturing process uses natural yeast which feed on sugars and ferments the ‘brew’ to be used as a base for our beverages. Alcohol is a by-product of this fermentation process. Before we fill the product into bottles we heat the brew to above 70 degrees C. to kill the yeast, halt the fermentation process, and remove the alcohol. After this heating process all of our products have a residual alcohol level of less than 0.5%. It is this manufacturing process, and the natural brew component in our beverages which adds the flavour profile unique to our products.

    The legal level allowable in a soft drink for it to be labelled as a non alcoholic beverage is 0.5%. We promote all of our beverages as a soft drink which is an acceptable alternative to intoxicating beverages. For further confirmation you may find information regarding Non Alcoholic Beverages in Food Standard 2.6.2 on

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    What sweetners are used in Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Products?

    Our diet products contain three sweeteners. Firstly, Acesulfame Potassium Salt (950), which is not taken up by the body. Secondly, Sucralose (955), which is made from sugar and thirdly, Aspartame (951). Aspartame is made from two amino acids – phenylalanine and aspartic acid. They are two of the basic protein building blocks that are found in milk, bread, meat, fruits and vegetables. This ingredient allows us to ensure the full bodied taste of our standard Ginger Beer, whilst keeping the sugar content to a minimum.

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    How much sugar content is contained in the 'Diet' products?

    Food standards in Australia permit up to 80kJ per 100mls of sugar content. Our Diet Ginger Beer more than meet these standards with only 34kJ per 100mls or 127.5kj/375ml bottle – a sugar content which is residual from the natural brewing process. Diet drinks based on artificial flavours can be made with zero calorie content, but a naturally brewed product, such as ours, will contain some residual calories. The % of sugar in our 375ml Diet Ginger Beer, as stated on the label, is 1.2% or 1.2gms/100mls which equals approximately 4.5gms/375ml bottle.

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    Why do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Products contain sediment?

    The sediment in our products is naturally occurring as a result of the natural brewing process. The seasonal variation in our ingredients cause a differing level of sediment from batch to batch but we endeavour to blend to give our consumers as near to consistent quality as possible.

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    How do you open a rip cap?

    1. While holding bottle securely, simply pull out ring

    2. Pull cap out and over

    Rip Cap Pull

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    What does 'invert bottle before opening' mean?

    The advice, ‘invert before opening’ is purely a suggestion. We recommend inverting – tipping upside down, all bottles before opening. This ensures that all naturally occuring sediment which can settle to the bottom of the bottle during transportation and storage is mixed throughout to deliver an optimal tasting product.

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    What is the difference between 'Best Before' and 'Use By'?

    Best Before’ is the recommended shelf life of the product; it indicates when the product should be consumed by to ensure it is fresh. ‘Use By’ means it must be consumed on or by that date for product safety reasons. Please visit the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand) website on for further information.

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    Why aren’t the 375ml bottles resealable?

    Our 375ml products are a single serve product and as such the caps are not designed to be used to reseal the bottles.

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    Is BBD’s packaging recyclable?

    Our packaging is recyclable and the recycle symbol appears on our labels, wraps and cartons.

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    Where can I buy BBD merchandise?

    BBD merchandise is available from our tourist centre, The Barrel, here in Bundaberg, QLD.  The Barrel can be contacted on 07 4154 5480 or on The Barrel page.

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    Are BBD products Halal or Kosher certified?

    Our products have not been Halal or Kosher Certified due to the small number of requests we receive.

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    Where is the ginger you use in your products grown?

    The ginger we use in our products is grown in Queensland, Australia.

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    Where are Bundaberg Brewed Drinks products Available?

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks are available in over 60 countries around the world. You can find an eCommerce store close to you that stocks our beverages. Visit our Shop Now page

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    How much Ginger is in a 375ml bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer?

    There is approximately 4gms of ginger in our 375ml bottle of Ginger Beer. Because our products are brewed there can be slight variations from batch-to-batch.

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    Do the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Diet products contain Aspartame?

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Diet products do contain Aspartame. For a full list of ingredients, please visit our Brews page at

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    Why do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks brew its beverages? Why is it better?

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks continue to use age old recipes and brewing techniques using real ingredients to extract maximum flavour for a premium and refreshing taste profile. This is why it can take up to seven days to brew a single batch of our beverages. For more details on the art of craft brewed beverages visit

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    What is the difference between Root Beer and Sarsaparilla?

    Our Root Beer and Sarsaparilla is the same brew, just a different label depending on your location. Both are brewed over three days using real liquorice root, sarsaparilla root, molasses and vanilla beans.

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    When is Bundaberg Brewed Drinks ginger harvested?

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks ginger is harvested from around ANZAC Day (25th April) until the first week in June.

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    Are the Ginger Plants allowed to flower?

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks ginger is allowed to flower, towards the end of the growing season, around March, the ginger rhizomes will put out their flower stalks. However the flower of the eating variety of Queensland Ginger is not quite as impressive as ornamental gingers.

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    Are your products vegan/vegetarian?

    We do not conduct any animal testing with our products or ingredients and are not aware of any done on our behalf.

    • The following beverages are all suitable for vegans: Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Diet Lemon, Lime Bitters, Burgundee Creaming Soda, Traditional lemonade, Guava, Blood Orange, Peach, Passionfruit and Pineapple & Coconut.
    • The following beverages are all suitable for vegetarians, lacto vegetarians and ovo-lacto vegetarians: Ginger Beer, Diet Ginger Beer, Spiced Ginger Beer, Sarsaparilla/Root Beer, Diet Sarsaparilla, Pink Grapefruit and Tropical Mango

    We can confirm each of our brews were only classified as Vegan or Vegetarian after careful consultation with our suppliers, based on the Vegan/Vegetarian status of each of our ingredients.

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