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Game Day Drinks? Bundaberg has you covered

Tailgate Party season and the need to work out game-day drinks has officially kicked off, so here’s some great recipes to get your game on no matter where you’re watching.  

For those who get the job of designated driver, we’ve got the ‘beer’ for you – Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer and Root Beer have no alcohol, but they still pack a flavor punch. Brewed over three days, there’s a depth and complexity of flavor you get out of a Bundaberg that you just can’t get from other sodas.

Ginger Beer

Brewed with real ginger root, make sure you Flip the bottle before you Rip the cap off to infuse all that gingery goodness back through the bottle. Delivered in our unique stubby bottle, you’ll fit right in with your friends enjoying a beer of a different kind

Root Beer

More of an ‘old school’ Root Beer flavor, Bundaberg’s Root Beer is brewed with sarsaparilla, licorice and ginger root with a touch of molasses and vanilla bean to round it out. It’s a little different to other Root Beer’s, but for those who like depth to their drink, this is a terrific choice to cheer on your team

If you happen to be on the West Coast, you’ll also have our Blood Orange, Peach, and Guava fruit sodas to choose from as well. All brewed with the real ingredient, these are a refreshing option to keep you hydrated and happy

Tailgate-Friendly Cocktails

Easy to make either as a batch cocktail before you go, or as a quick mix from the comfort of your chair, these game-day favorites will have you cheering for more than the players.

Spicy Mule

Add a little spice to your mule game with this hot little number – we like to use 6 shakes of the hot sauce, but maybe you like to turn the heat up even more?

Get the full recipe

Rum & Ginger

This all time classic is its own two-point conversion with the spiciness of the rum combined with the tang of the ginger.

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Red, White & Brew  

Red White and Brew CocktailTake a punt on this Root Beer and whiskey based drink for a super tasty, smooth cocktail.

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Brewed Game-Day Food

While you’re sipping, why not snack on some Bundaberg Brewed Food while you’re at it? These tasty appetizers will have you all set for kick off…

BBQ Root Beer Sauce

Man, this is a recipe you seriously need to try. Don’t let the list of ingredients put you off – it’s a cinch to make. Add the sauce to ribs, wings, pulled pork – whatever your fancy, this sauce is a winner. Watch the video to see how easy this one is to make.

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Guava Chicken Wings

These tasty wings are a terrific pre-game snack. If our Guava isn’t in your area, this recipe also works brilliantly with our Ginger Beer – enjoy!

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Good luck to your team this season.


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