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How We Brew

A lot goes into making our delicious range of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. The finest ingredients are brewed for as long as it takes to extract maximum flavor. Here’s how the magic happens with our famous Ginger Beer.

Grinding the Ginger


We start crafting Bundaberg Ginger Beer using dried ginger root that’s grown locally in Queensland, Australia from rich, fertile soils.

We even grow some of the ginger ourselves to ensure regular supply.

This high quality key ingredient is then dried using a special process and ground to a coarse flour, so that the natural flavor is preserved.

Making the Ginger Wort


‘Wort’ may not be the nicest sounding word, but it’s certainly what’s needed to make real, better-tasting drinks.

The ground ginger is mixed with Queensland Cane Sugar and water.

This mixture – the ‘Wort’ – is then heated to release flavors, sugars and starches from the ginger.

The ginger starches are also broken down into fermentable sugars.

Fermenting with Yeast


A special yeast is carefully added in perfect proportions to ferment the Wort.

It extracts optimum ginger flavor and the distinctive, discerning taste of Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

That’s why we say it’s ‘Brewed to be Better!’

Maturating the Ginger Beer


After fermentation, the ginger is craft-filtered to an exacting degree to leave behind just the right amount of tiny ginger pieces.

These flavor-filled sprinklings of real ginger help give Bundaberg Ginger Beer extra flavor during maturation and beyond.

At this stage the ginger beer is a concentrate. It is stored this way to maximize maturation and give it a unique, full flavor once the craft-brewing process is completed.

Making it Ready to Drink


After maturation, the Ginger Beer is diluted with water, sugar and citric acid to achieve it’s drinking strength, and it is then carefully filtered.

This is the last step in making the magic happen, before being sent to the filler where the brew is carbonated and put into bottles.

The perfect Ginger Beer is now ready to be enjoyed.