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Elevate Your Christmas Celebrations with our Bundaberg Brews

This holiday season, infuse your Christmas gatherings with the sparkle of joy and the zest of our Bundaberg Brewed Drinks range!

We’ve crafted three delightful tales – recipes that promise to enhance your festive occasions and have this year be a Christmas celebration to remember.

Let’s dive into these mouthwatering recipes that feature the magic of our brewed range, adding a unique twist to your seasonal menu.


Ginger Beer Gingerbread Men

Elevate your classic gingerbread recipe this Christmas by incorporating our signature Bundaberg Ginger Beer! Infused with the spice of real Australian-grown ginger, our Ginger Beer adds a delightful zing to these adorable Gingerbread Men.

Enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness and spice, sure to become a holiday favourite among family and friends.

Hot tip: these make for the perfect gift, too!


Mini Ginger Sticky Date Puddings with Ginger Caramel Sauce

Experience the indulgent flavours of the season with our new Mini Ginger Sticky Date Puddings with Ginger Caramel Sauce. Enriched with the taste of our iconic Ginger Beer, these delectable treats boast a rich, moist texture and are complemented by a tantalising Ginger Caramel Sauce (also made from our Bundaberg Ginger Beer!).

The ginger-infused warmth adds a world-class twist to this timeless dessert, making it a must-have on your Christmas menu.


Spiced Cranberry Punch – made with our Spiced Ginger Beer

Raise a glass to the festive merriment with our Spiced Cranberry Punch. Infused with the taste of our beloved Spiced Ginger Beer, this cocktail recipe offers a symphony of flavours to all who try it. The spicy notes of ginger, combined with the tartness of cranberry, create a harmonious blend that captures the true spirit of the season. It’s the perfect drink to toast to the joyous moments with loved ones this Christmas.


This Christmas, let the spirit of the celebration flow with the help of our Bundaberg Brews. From delectable Ginger Beer-infused treats to a thirst-quenching Spiced Ginger Beer Punch that captures the essence of the season, our range is here to elevate your festive table spread.

Don’t wait until the last minute to stock up – secure your supply of seasonal brews today to ensure your Christmas table is adorned with your favourites. Head into your local supermarket to pick up a carton or click here to make an online order via Amazon today.

Indulge in these recipes and toast to the merriest moments and flavourful memories this holiday season.