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Ode to a Great Australian

Narrated by our founder and original master brewer, Cliff Fleming, ‘An Ode to a Great Australian’ tells the untold story of our iconic Aussie brew. A return to the great Australian tradition of bush poetry, the poem celebrates our homegrown brews and our unique history as a proudly Australian-owned family business. 

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An Ode to a Great Australian

It’s a story that started with Mum, Dad, my wife and I,
now up to its fourth generation.
Of a true blue brew that captured the hearts,

and the taste buds, of a nation.

Now this ginger beer, while it’s still made here,
is one the world’s calling their own,
As they ask what’s the secret, the story, the key,
to the way this name has grown.

Right from the start, we’ve kept tradition at heart,
that’s what makes it a Bundaberg Brew,
Made from pure ginger and cane, Queensland sunshine and rain,
it’s Australian through and through.

It’s still served in glass, for that old touch of class,
‘cause that’s the best way for full taste
And it’s crafted for days, in our own special way,
with the same family values embraced. 

It’s Sat’dy barbies and Sundy arvies,
it’s the beach, the surf, and the sun     
It’s campfires and families, and after-work “aaahs”,
then it’s laughter and friendships begun.

It’s the brew that we lovingly turn upside down,
as we hold it up to the light 
For that cloud of natural brewed goodness,
that makes it taste so right.

But just because we’re steeped in tradition,
doesn’t mean we’re reluctant to change.
As fans old and new, of our number one brew, asked,
“Why don’t you brew a whole range?” 

Well, good ideas go down well around here,
and there’s more going down every day
And no matter what flavour you might favour,
they’re still made the Bundaberg 

It’s a Bundaberg story, gone on to world glory,
and like every good yarn, it’s true
It’s Bundaberg’s, Queensland’s, Australia’s, The World’s…

Great Australian Brew!




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  • Richard TerryJanuary 22, 2021, 4:45 pmLove It! It is too easy to forget, what really makes us proud to be Australian! Bundy Brews, a True Australian Company, right here in "The Sunshine State"
  • Rod SmithJanuary 22, 2021, 5:58 pmThis brings back great memories of our holidays in Australia and visits to your brewery in our favorite state Queensland. As a bit of a bush poet myself loved the poem. Cheers. Rod
  • Judy AngusJanuary 22, 2021, 6:06 pmAbsolutely Perfect
  • Jennifer MattinsonJanuary 23, 2021, 1:34 pmA great Ode to an Aussie great! Something to be proud of and thanks for sharing.