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Helping Our Community During Covid-19

COVID-19 has made 2020 a difficult year for everyone. A lot has happened and the way we lead our everyday lives is expected to look a little different following the pandemic. This means a lot of businesses will be forced to change their processes and the town of Bundaberg is no different. Given the impact pandemic has had, we wanted to do something to help our region and amazing community.


The Fleming Family

Idea: ‘The Shanitiser’

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and Aussies can go shopping again, we know local businesses will be looking to stock up on hand sanitiser — enter Shannon Grosjean. One of our top food scientists, Shannon, became the hero the town needed, by using her unique skill set to help develop hand sanitiser.

Shannon created a formula at home during her downtime and once she got it right, she let the team in on her plan — and they loved it. The hand sanitiser she created was sent to team members across the business, helping everybody remain healthy and safe. Although, this is only the beginning of the “Shanitiser.”

Once she had helped her colleagues, Shannon didn’t stop, she wanted to help the whole of Bundaberg. She did this by assisting us adopt a government mandated hand sanitiser formula, which could be distributed amongst businesses across the region.

Thanks to Shannon’s efforts, distribution has now begun.

Shannon Grosjean, New Product Development Technologist, with bottles of “Shanitiser” in the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks innovation, research and development laboratory.

How did the name start?

The name ‘Shanitiser’ started off as a bit of fun around the office – with the research and development team. The name eventually stuck and everybody in the team now fondly refers the hand sanitiser as the “Canister”.

725ml bottles of ‘Shanitiser’

A word from the CEO: Why we decided to produce hand sanitiser?

“As a business, we feel it is important we use our capability to help the local community. We are very proud of the skills and proficiencies we have within our team and want to remain focused on supporting the Bundaberg region through the post lockdown rebuilding stage,” said John McLean, CEO of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

“Producing hand sanitiser is something we have been working towards since the outbreak of COVID-19 and Shannon has played a huge role in making it happen. We’ve affectionately nicknamed the product ‘The Shanitiser.’”

“We anticipate COVID-19 will bring permanent changes, with increased dependency on products such as hand sanitiser. Being a regional business, we want to ensure we have plenty of product available to support our community as the priority.”

 “We are hoping this will help local businesses who have struggled during COVID-19 to get back up and running again. As storefronts and offices begin to re-open, this will play a major role in making some operational processes easier for business owners.”

“We are using our experience in making great quality brews and translating this stringent approach to how we are making hand sanitiser.”

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks CEO, John McLean

How you can purchase the hand sanitiser?

We will be selling hand sanitiser for a temporary period – until manufactures can keep up with the demand for the product. Currently, it is available for personal use, however, we have made this to support local industry and the economy. We know local business need high volumes, which is why we are only selling this product in large quantities.

Boxes of six 725ml bottles will be available for sale to local businesses for $90 and 5L containers, $100. Transactions will be done via the telephone and distributed from the Bundaberg Barrel – (07) 4154 5480. Alternatively, enquiries can be made through the following email address,

How to use the hand sanitiser 

Our hand sanitiser is a rub and not a gel, causing the substance to be watery – which is aligned with the formula and process that has been mandated by the government. The watery consistency and the large bottles make the application process a little different.

The hand sanitiser should be transferred from our containers to small bottles that have spray or pump lids.

Please application video below.



Hand sanitiser fast facts

What formula are you using?

We are using a World Health Organisation formula, which has been fast tracked for use in Australia to help combat COVID 19.

What processes are you putting in place to make the hand sanitiser?

We are using our experience in making great quality brews and translating this stringent approach to how we are making hand sanitiser.

Is the hand sanitiser safe?

Yes, it is safe, our production is aligned with a legislation created specifically for COVID-19. Meaning we are taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers and team members.

What do you put into the hand sanitiser?

Our formulation is developed by the WHO and approved by the Australian government. It contains Ethanol 80 per cent, Peroxide and Glycerine.

What times will the call and collect service be available from?

The service will be operating from 10am – 2pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Is there enough to go around?

We do not expect to run out, the government has permitted us to make up to 10,000 litres. However, if we do sell out, we will be able to request permission to make for more.


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