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Take a sip of an ice-cold Bundaberg Brew and immediately you know it is not just another drink. Granted, it quenches your thirst and cools you down on a hot summers day – but there is something different… something special. And to every person who is experienced this feeling, you’re not mistaken because our Bundaberg Brews taste different by design. Here is why:


Real ingredients
One of the key differences in our Bundaberg Brews, simply put, is that they are the real deal. There are no artificial flavors going into these – only the realest, most tasty ingredients we can source. We strongly believe that absolutely nothing compares to the natural taste of real fruit juices, herbs, and spices – so much so that every one of our Brews is made from these direct. There is no quick, factory mix situation here. Only the real deal with our Bundaberg Brews.


Craft brewed
Another key difference with our Bundaberg Brews is that we take our time to ensure the perfect taste… because all good things take time. We carefully craft brew our drinks for as long as it takes to achieve that signature Bundaberg taste – and if that means taking seven days to craft brew a drink, we will take seven days to do it.


Bottled in glass
We’re passionate about taste, and we will never compromise the specialty of our Brews – which is why we bottle in glass. We could run a much easier business overnight by switching to plastic, but our iconic glass stubby is part of what makes our Brews so special… and a major component in what makes our range the best non-alcoholic drinks available.


We could go on and on about what makes a Bundaberg Brew so special, but I think we have summed it up. We’re dedicated to brewing the most delicious, natural non-alcoholic beverages for you – and we promise that’s something we won’t ever stop.

So next time you enjoy a cold Bundaberg Brew and taste that true brew difference, you’ll know why!


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