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The Essential Guide to Australian Slang

If you’ve been Down Under (or ever spoken to an Aussie) you’ll know that we’re pretty hard to understand. We may speak English, but we also like to put our own spin on many common words and phrases. If you don’t pay attention you could easily mix up a bevvie with a brickie, or a servo with a garbo, leaving you in all sorts of trouble.


As a family owned Australian company, we wanted to do our bit to help the rest of the world understand us a little better. So, to not look like a drongo next time you talk to an Aussie, just follow our essential guide to Australian slang. Drop a few of these into your next conversation, and you’ll sound like a fair dinkum Bundaberg local in no time.


Australian Slang


Ambo – An ambulance or paramedic

Arvo –  Afternoon

Avo – Avocado

Barbie – BBQ or cookout

Bevvie – An alcoholic drink

Biccy – Biscuit (cookie)

Bludger – A lazy person

Bogan – Redneck

Bottle-o – Liquor store

Brickie – Bricklayer 

Buckley’s chance – Very unlikely

Budgy Smugglers – A pair of swimming trunks

Cabbie – Taxi driver

Cark it – To die or stop working

Cheers – Thanks

Chuck a U-ey – To perform a U-turn

Copper – Police officer

Crook – To be sick or unwell

Drongo – Fool or idiot

Dunny – Toilet

Durry – Cigarette

Esky – A drinks cooler

Fair dinkum – To be genuine or authentic

Garbo – Garbage collector

Going off like a frog in a sock – Being very excited

Hard yakka – Hard work

Mate – Friend

Mozzie – Mosquito

Muso – Musician

Nah, nah, yeah – Yes
Yeah, yeah, nah – No

Ripper – Very good

Servo – Gas station

Shout – To pay for a group’s food or drink

Sickie – To have a sick day off work

Snag – Sausage

Spew – To vomit

Spit the dummy – To lose one’s temper

Squiz – To have a look at something

Starkas – Being naked

Stubby – A short glass bottle (just like a Bundaberg Ginger Beer!)

Thongs – A pair of flip flops

Up the duff – To be pregnant

Woop Woop – To be far away from anything


There you have it! Now you can have a ripper time with your mates at your next barbie. Just don’t forget to bring along a few Bundaberg Ginger Beers to stick in the esky!

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