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Beverage Besties: Moscow Mules and Copper Mugs

Has there been a greater partnership in the world of mixed drinks than the famed Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug? At the moment there certainly isn’t, with this icy cold beverage running hot amongst the ‘in’ crowd. More than just a memorable name, a Moscow Mule has long been revered as an iconic American cocktail mixed from vodka, ginger beer and tangy lime juice. Light, crisp and refreshing, it’s a tantalizing blend that lives comfortably by the pool, in a bar, or lazing on the lounge on a rainy afternoon. The distinctive taste is one thing, but it’s the Mule’s signature service in a copper mug that’s stolen headlines since the 1940’s.


Why is a Moscow Mule served in a Copper Mug?

Copper has long been admired for its glistening, metallic, red sheen. Smooth and sophisticated, it has an undoubted appeal to people across all walks of life and has been used for serving drinks for centuries. But here’s the 64 million dollar question. Is copper just for show, or does it give Moscow Mules an extra taste kick? Let’s break it down.


Copper is an excellent conductor of cold. Hence why the icy interior of your Moscow Mule quickly chills the copper mug, instantly creating a chilled cocktail sensation on your lips. And the handle isn’t just for show either. By grabbing onto this, you keep your hot little hand off the surface of the mug so it can stay perfectly cold for longer. A handle also means you can better protect your brew from other thirsty lips!


According to some experts, when vodka touches the walls of a copper mug it undergoes a mild oxidization that can boost the aroma and enhance flavors. Whatever it is, you’d be a brave person to deny the suggestion that cocktails taste better in copper. Another interesting benefit of copper is the palpable boost in bubbles compared to drinking from a plastic or glass container. When lime, ginger beer and vodka all start shining at the same time, you know your tastebuds are in for a party. And remember, not all ingredients are the same, so the better quality you put in, the more you get out. Try world famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer for the ultimate kickstart to your next Moscow Mule.


 It’s simple but it’s true.  Sipping a Moscow Mule served in a copper mug looks good and feels great. Just as it did 80 years ago when this classy cocktail was born in Manhattan’s finest bars and restaurants. Made for sipping long, slow and icy cold, this truly classic mix brings a dose of glamour and style to any occasion.  

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  • Petra KurzeApril 4, 2019, 8:24 pmHello, I´m from Germany and I love Ginger Beer. We can buy it in Germany since several years now. I have seen this wonderful copper Bundaberg mug. Where can I purchase the Bundaberg mule mug? Thank you in advance. Cheers Petra
  • Madison RichardsonDecember 17, 2020, 7:04 amWhere may I purchase this mug?