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Bundaberg Ginger Beer Dark & Stormy Recipe

Rum & Ginger

Great stories have invariably started with a dark and stormy night, but this classic cocktail is so refreshingly delicious it’s perfect for a mild and sunny afternoon too! It’s the national drink of Bermuda and just quietly we think it’s the cocktail of choice for Australians too. 

Probably because of the dark rum – long associated with sailors, Rum & Ginger is also the official drink of the yachting fraternity. Another reason might be because it’s so easy to make.. 

Like most cocktails, the composition of rum & Ginger depends on the temperament, taste and resources of the Mixologist. What’s 100% essential though is the quality of the ginger beer used. Bring your ‘A’ game and insist on Bundaberg Ginger Beer. It offers depth and complexity, so do your Rum & Ginger a favour and go for ginger beer with flavour!

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Bundaberg Ginger Beer Dark & Stormy Recipe


  • Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  • 50 mL Dark Rum
  • 20mL Lime juice
  • Lime wedge to garnish
Rocks Glass Rocks Glass

Let's Mix!

  • Ice

    Step 1

    Fill high ball glass with ice

  • Combine

    Step 2

    Squeeze in fresh lime and fill with Bundaberg Ginger Beer

  • Pour

    Step 3

    Top with rum to create the ‘stormy’ effect

  • Enjoy

    Step 4

    Garnish with lime wedge and Enjoy your drink!