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Halloween Treats using Ginger Beer

It’s time to admit it – we all love an excuse to get dressed up and have a bit of fun. With today being Halloween, we decided it was time to mix a brew, sit back and treat ourselves to something that is scarily good.

Halloween doesn’t just have to be for the children with this round up of Adults Only Halloween cocktails. You can make each cocktail using Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

1. The Deathly Hallows Cocktail

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

This delicious cocktail (inspired by Harry Potter) is best served in the creepiest glassware you can find and enjoyed in a dimly lit room while watching the movies.

Click here for the recipe

2. Pumpkin Pie Moscow Mule

Courtesy of Love and Confections

An adult take on USA’s obsession with Pumpkin Spiced everything, this Moscow Mule variation is sure to spice up your night.

Click here for the recipe

3. The Grave Digger

Courtesy of Boulder Locavore

With a name like that you’d expect some questionable flavours but the combination of Cider, Whiskey and Ginger Beer is a sure fire winner!

Click here for the recipe

4. Bottoms Up, Butterbeer

Courtesy of Hello my name is Heather

Another Harry Potter inspired cocktail, designed to thrill the wizard inside all of us. The combination of Ginger Beer, Cream Soda (not to be confused with our Burgundee Creaming Soda) and Butterscotch ice cream creates the perfect creamy and fizzy drink we all imagined.

Click here for the recipe

5. Dark & Stormy

The classic cocktail that is perfect for a spooky Halloween night – Ginger Beer, Dark Rum and happiness. 

Click here for the recipe

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