Bundaberg, QLD - Our Town

 In 1866, timber cutters and co-founders of Bundaberg, John and Gavin Steuart, camped on a site later occupied by North Bundaberg Railway station.

In 1868 Bundaberg's first timber industry was established by Thomas Watson.

In 1868, Captain F Roberts built the first house on the south bank of The Burnett River, near the site of the hospital. The first store was constructed on the south bank in 1869.

Surveyor J C Thompson and his assistant surveyed, laid out and named Bundaberg in 1870. By 1872, the town had a population of 200 people.

Today the population of Bundaberg, QLD is over 55, 000. Bundaberg has a growing tourism industry and is marketed as the gateway to Australia’s beautiful Great Barrier Reef. It is home to an abundance of attractive parks, gardens and sporting complexes, as well as major shopping complexes, multi-cultural activities and education facilities.

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